5 in 1 Combination for Wood K5410VFP3000_400V

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Heavy industrial machine with casting tables
Including separate engine scoring unit
max Chip removal / dressing 5mm, 4mm passage, sealing fence 1100x155mm
smooth, high quality aluminum-shaped table (350mm br.) with tempered steel guide rods
Steering wheels f. Turning u. Height adjustment of circular saw blade in front
central control panel in front of the machine
stable boom with adjustable angle telescopic ruler (3500 mm) with 2 pivot stops
large cutting width at seal (1100mm)
Rip fence with fine adjustment function
Standard combination accuracy mounted by rotating planer shaft
powerful feed chain drive
Stable and accurate professional dressing stop
turning up to 45 °
6 speed milling with interchangeable spindle (optional 25-50mm)
easily divisible via plug connection between planer and circular saw
large cutter protector, exhaust ports: 120mm
Milling spindle can be turned 45 ° backwards

On Delivery: 30mm spindle change MK4, independent motor scoring unit, three main engine increased, reversible planer blades

Technical details


Shooting table length in mm: 1800
Swing Band Dressing Stop: 90-45 °
Dress stop in mm: 1100×150
Wear max. Tightness in mm: 5

Engine data

Motor power S1 in W: 4000/5500/4000/4000
Motor power S6 in W: 5600/7700/5400/5600
feed rate: 8
Voltage: 400V

Overall dimensions

Sliding table format in mm: 2300×350
Suction fitting in mm: 3×120
Table Height in mm: 850
Table lift in mm: 160

Cutting performance

max Cutting height 90 ° in mm: 103
max Sharpening Length in mm: 2900
max Cutting height 45 ° in mm: 72
Seal cutting width in mm: 500/1000
Power of marker motor in W: 750/1100

Part Dimensions

max Workpiece thickness in mm: 225


Thickness max. Tightness in mm: 4
Size table thickness in mm: 700×406

General planing

Number of cutting knives: 4
Planing axis speed in min-1: 4500
Planing shaft diameter in mm: 100

Milling and Drilling

max Tool diameter above table in mm: 255
Milling stop in mm: 345×155
Table opening in mm: Ø270
max Retractable tool diameter in mm: 250
0-45 °
Spindle stroke in mm: 175
Min-1 friction spindle speed: 3000/4000/5000/6000/8000/10000
Milling spindle diameter in mm: 30


Saw blade (/ hole) in mm: 315
Scoring saw blade in mm: Ø120
Saw blade speed in min-1: 4000
Marking the speed of the saw blade in min-1: 8000

Wood drilling

max Drilling depth in mm: 200
max Drilling Width in mm: 255


Gross weight in kg: 1463
Net weight in kg: 1092

Packing Dimensions

Packing Length in mm: 2300
Packing Width in mm: 2005
Packing Height in mm: 1150