Trimming Machine KAM150P_400V

10,558.68 (Português) + Iva

Entrega entre 3 a 4 semanas



1. thick cutting of laminate by punching
2. Bonding by direct application of the adhesive
3. Precise laminate cutting (rear / front)
by means of cutting saw unit (2 saw blades)
4. Edge milling of edge laminate
(upper / lower) with 2 cutters (r = 2mm)
Pressure rollers provide an ideal connection between laminate and workpiece
Adhesive temperature is controlled by the microcontroller and is electronically adjustable
air control panel allows convenient operation
automatic and constant plate feeding
Granules as adhesives are liquefied in the melt tank
Saw unit with Ø 80 mm saw blade, 9000 rpm

Technical details

Engine data

Motor power S6 in W: 3300
feed rate: 5

Overall dimensions

Suction fitting in mm: 120
Table magnification in mm: 500
Size of table in mm: 2200×400
Step in mm: 200×350

Part Dimensions

max Workpiece thickness in mm: 45
minute Workpiece thickness in mm: 10
minute Workpiece length in mm: 300
minute Workpiece width in mm: 90


Operating Temperature ° C: 1260
Working air pressure in bar: 6.5
Edge thickness in mm: 0.4-3


Gross weight in kg; 521
Net weight in kg; 410

Packing Dimensions

Packing Length in mm: 1550
Packing Width in mm: 900
Packing Height in mm: 1420