VS20PRO_400V Surface Planer

17,158.68 (Português) + Iva

Entrega entre 3 a 4 semanas



European quality
robust, solid and low vibration construction
steel cast iron construction
Very long material feed table for safe workpiece placement
Precise and smooth workpiece insertion through the feed roller
in front of the spindle
Adjustable spindle position by mechanical precision display
Pressure on each infinitely adjustable individual feed roll
clearly arranged switching and control elements
with 4 massive planing heads
Powerful with 4 engines!

Technical details

Engine data
Motor power S1 in W: 16100
voltage: 400V / 3 / 50Hz

Gross weight in kg: 1020
Net weight in kg: 1000

Packing Dimensions
Packing Height in mm: 1550
Packing Width in mm: 2800
Packing Length in mm: 1200